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An application has been made by:

Water Abstraction



Water Resources Act 1991 (as amended by

the Water Act 2003)

Notice of application for a transfer licence to abstract (take) water Drakelands Restoration Limited has applied to the Environment Agency for a licence.

The Environment Agency is giving notice of this application (in accordance with Section 37 of the Water Resources Act 1991

and Regulation 6 of the Water Resources (Abstraction and Impounding) Regulations 2006.

The application is for a licence to abstract water from underground strata consisting of Devonian Metasediment and Permian Granite within the boundary formed by straight lines running between the following National Grid References:- SX 57710 58752, SX 57530 58979, SX 57045 58438, and SX 57247 58182 to transfer it to the Smallhanger Brook at National Grid Reference SX 57035 58835 without intervening use.

The application is to abstract water as follows:

• 360 cubic metres an hour • 8,640 cubic metres a day

• 1,416,420 cubic metres a year

Please contact us via e-mail or use the number below to arrange to see the application documents.

Send any representations about this application by email, quoting the name of the applicant and Reference Number

NPS/WR/037754 to the Environment Agency, at [email protected] by 26th August 2022.

For advice about how to make a representation call 03708 506 506

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  • Submitted: 28 July 2022
  • Expires: 18 August 2022
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