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An application has been made by:

Planning Applications


South Hams District Council


and/or Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Regulations 1990


2240/22/HHO For: Mike Inness Designs

Householder application for refurbishment of Little

Coombe formerly called The Stables

The Stables, Coombe House Ashprington TQ9 7UL

Affects a public footpath or public right of way

Affects Setting of a Listed Building

Affects a Conservation Area

Berry Pomeroy

2221/22/LBC For: Ms C Vincent-Smith

Listed Building consent for external & internal


Higher Longcombe Farm Longcombe TQ9 6PN

Affects a Listed Building


2191/22/HHO For: MrATurpin

Householder application to add a lean-to

conservatory to side of house

2 Kirkland Close Woolwell PL6 7QD

2410/22/HHO For: Mr&Mrs Panackal

Householder application to install a replica roof


5 Bowers Park Drive Woolwell PL6 7SH

2503/22/FUL For: Mr J Haimes

Use of land for dog walking & exercise, provision of

hard standing, fencing & shelter

Land at SX 512 631 Roborough Down Plymouth



1712/22/FUL For: Dr&Mrs R Long

Replacement of existing timber cottage with new

timber cottage

1 Staverton Bridge Cottages Staverton TQ9 6NU


2491/22/HHO For: Mr I Green

Householder application for erection of a domestic

garage/workshop & store

The Orchard Harberton TQ9 6EW


2447/22/HHO For: Mrs H Gooding

Householder application to increase main bungalow

roof pitch to create rear box dormer loft conversion

to create 2 additional bedrooms with bathroom &

convert existing garage into home office adding side

access door & replacing the garage door with


10 West View Road Marldon TQ3 1NG

Newton and Noss

2434/22/VAR For: Mr Trinder

Application for variation of condition 2 (approved

plans) of planning consent 3570/17/HHO &

3870/20/VAR requiring consent for carport in place

of garage

Durlston Stoke Road Noss Mayo Devon PL8 1DY


2219/22/FUL For: Mr&Mrs Bass

Demolition of existing barn following Class Q

approval and creation of replacement dwelling with

associated external works

Spring Barn Crabbers Cross to Mill Cross Rattery

Affects a public footpath or public right of way

South Brent

2500/22/HHO For: PHoney

Householder application for installation of 13 solar

panels on the SE & SW facing roofs

3 Elwell Court Diptford TQ9 7PG


2072/22/FUL For: Miss S King

Separation of ground & first floor into 2 dwellings

(resubmission of 0482/21/FUL)

The Longhouse Old Newnham Farm Plympton PL7


Affects a Listed Building

2073/22/LBC For: Miss S King

Listed Building consent for separation of ground &

first floor into 2 dwellings (resubmission of


The Longhouse Old Newnham Farm Plympton PL7


Affects a Listed Building

Stoke Gabriel

1569/22/FUL For: GJ Churchward Memorial

Erection of stand to provide spectator seating

GJ Churchward Memorial Ground Broadley Lane

Stoke Gabriel Totnes TQ9 6RR

2358/22/LBC For: Professor&Mrs Miles

Listed Building consent for removal of attached

garden roof, new glazed canopy, replacement glazed

external door & infill timber door to retained store

South Bank Paignton Road Stoke Gabriel TQ9 6SJ

Affects Conservation Area and a Listed Building


1919/22/HHO For: Mr&Mrs Ford

Householder application for proposed two storey

side extension

3 Follaton Plymouth Road Totnes TQ9 5NB

2508/22/HHO For: S Ryan

Householder application for single storey side & rear

extension, new first floor bathroom window

50 Collapark Totnes TQ9 5LW


1427/22/LBC For: DrARoxburgh

Listed Building consent for paved terrace with steps

& retaining wall

2 Old Coastguard Cottages Wembury PL9 0EJ

Affects a Listed Building

2405/22/HHO For: Mr&Mrs Vasey

Householder application for side extension &

replacement rear terrace

5 Knighton Road Wembury PL9 0EA

Affects a public footpath or public right of way

Members of the public can view the applications, plans and other documents submitted with them on the

Council’s website or at the address below during normal office hours

Anyone who wishes to make representations about this application should put comments in writing to the

Council, preferably via the Council’s website or, if you do not have access to the internet, in writing clearly

marked for the attention of The Planning Department, South Hams District Council, Follaton House, Plymouth

Road, Totnes, TQ9 5NE by 01-September-2022.

If you are commenting on either a Householder, Express Advert Consent or Minor Commercial (shopfronts)

development, in the event of an appeal against a refusal of planning permission, it will be dealt with on the basis

of representations in writing, any representations made about this application will be sent to the Secretary of

State, and there will be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage.

Please note that representations cannot be treated as confidential - your name, address and comments will be

available on the Council’s website. We will not send acknowledgements or keep you informed of the progress

of an application if you have signed a petition or a standardised letter. We will publish your name/address and

representation online - see for details. Community of Practice lead for

Development Management

On behalf of South Hams District Council, Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes, TQ9 5NE

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